Terrene solutions streamline many
steps of the insurance process.

Pre Underwriting

Take lead generation to the next level by applying a your custom appetite criteria to potential insureds and get the information required to evaluate or proactively quote the business.

Improve Customer Experience for Agent/Insured Portal

Informed selection – Access the Appetite Profile API for a targeted set of information on a business to support manual appetite determination or in-house automation

Automated selection – Leverage the Risk Selection Engine to automate custom selection rules based on Appetite Profile API data

Digital Age Underwriting

Informed underwriting – Access the Business Profile API for a full Risk Analysis Profile to support manual underwriting decisions or in-house automation

Automated decision – Leverage the Underwriting Decision Engine to automate custom underwriting decision rules based on the Risk Analysis Profile

Post-Bind Reviews

Rather than spot-checking a random sampling, automate the triage of 100% of bound submissions. Focus the efforts of your valuable resources on those risks that truly require further investigation.

Renewal Processing

Most carriers do not manually refresh the underwriting file for every business at every renewal. Run upcoming renewals through Terrene’s engine to profile the renewals based on custom criteria, supporting automated renewal processing and identifying high risk renewals for review.

Book Reviews

Review an existing internal book of business to identify accounts with attributes that indicate a high propensity for loss or that are outside underwriting appetite.

Book Rolls

Gain additional insight with Risk Analysis Profiles for the businesses in a book an agent brings to determine if they are consistent with a carrier’s custom underwriting guidelines.