Risk Analysis Profile

Terrene utilizes proprietary algorithms and models to determine the target entity, classify the risk to an appropriate NAICS, and build a comprehensive risk profile from the multitude of connected data sources. Terrene provides information that covers the traditional underwriting view of a risk and then enhances it with non-traditional views from social and third party data to truly allow you to “know your risk.”

Underwriting Decision Engine

Based on the comprehensive risk data available in the Terrene Business Profile API, including class-specific Underwriting Indicators, a set of custom rules are evaluated to answer your underwriting questions and determine an underwriting disposition, commonly Refer or Decline.

This engine significantly enhances the goal of straight through processing of small commercial business by allowing for complex combinations of conditions to support appropriate handling of the submissions. The Terrene Underwriting Decision engine can incorporate discrete data as well as non-traditional sources like website, social media, images, and other information available on the risk profile for making intelligent decisions.

Risk Selection Engine

Built upon the targeted data elements available in the Terrene Appetite API, a set of custom selection criteria are evaluated and returned for each risk. Typically, this includes appetite by risk class and initial eligibility criteria, commonly used for knock-out rules.

This engine enables improved customer experience for your agent or direct consumer portal and enhances the efficiency of underwriting by eliminating risks from coming through the funnel if they are outside your appetite, letting key decision-makers focus on relevant risks.

Underwriting Portal

The Terrene Underwriting Portal provides an insightful and friendly view into the comprehensive risk profile. It supports customization so you can focus on aspects of risks that are important to you, allowing you to start using the power of the Terrene engine right away.